Training Starts On

    11:00 AM, 4th June, 2017

    Upasarga Technology, Buddhanagar ( Opposite of King's College )


    On this day you will be playing the android codes with Android Studio.I will share the tips what I discovered during my 3 years journey as an Android Apps Developer. At the end, you will be doing all tasks and we will be there to spot you.

    Abhisek Lamsal - Senior Android Developer
    android instuctor

    Training Highlights

    Upasarga Technology always promotes creative minds and energetic youths. This time Upasarga has announced Android Application Development Workshop for FREE. We are sure that begineers will get maximum benefit from this event. Experts having years of experience on Mobile Apps development will guide participants throughout the day. Participants will learn every secrets of Android Programming, Current Market Trends, and more.

    • Overall understanding of Android OS and its ecosystem.
    • Learn how to code Android Apps.
    • How to get ready for the market?
    • Current Market Scenario.


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