Best programming languages you should learn

According to Bureau of Labor Statistics report of year 2014 under U.S. department of Labor, the average salary of $77,550 per year is paid for computer programmer. It is obvious to state that top industry of IT sector will hire with mean hourly wage of $39.75 per hour. Today programming languages are being hot topics to discuss. How much do you know about programming language? and the importance of it. Are you thinking of taking computer programming language as your career?

First of all we should have knowledge about the programming concept through training or by help of different sources. Because programming is fun and easy to learn so choosing this platform and maintaining career is appropriate. So learn by today and help you make yourself a successful programmer and upgrade your statistics. Programming language is used for software development and all kinds of applications development. Based on studies here we tried to mention the top programming languages that get you hired with its features are:


10. PHP

Php is used mainly to create dynamic web pages. In the vast areas of modern internet technologies, Php has maintained its good level among developers to exist and its popularity is known for the purpose of developing website. Because of its simplicity and ease features that can be grasped easily by developers; hence, considered as popular choice for web application development. Moreover, this scripting language is widely used to create beautiful websites and in efficient way that is comparatively easy than other programming language. It is open source technology which is available free(cost effective) so choose this platform and make your web applications more interactive,safe,secure and stable.


Object Pascal is a structured programming language that is used in Delphi. It is an Object-Oriented Programming(OOP) language that is easy to parse and functions to produces small, fast, machine readable code within like C program does.


8.  PERL

Larry Wall developed Perl as a scripting language and main purpose is to mix the use of UNIX shell with C language flexibility in ease way. Perl popularity grew as UNIX system administrators count it as favorite and further usage increases with arrival of World Wide Web. Perl gain its popularity as dominant language for Common Gateway Interface(CGI) programming. The abilities of ‘stick together’ other programs,processing text,using powerful regular expression features are reasons to increase importance of Perl.


VB.Net is a high-level computer programming language and taken as a simple, Object-Oriented language invented by Microsoft, applied on the .Net Framework. It is easy to learn, general purpose type and structured language and widely used in the software industry. VB.Net relate the power of .Net Framework and a variety of computer language and can be compiled on variety of environment.



Python  programming language a high-level scripting language. Python uses ‘English’ language as a key language rather than using punctuation like other language do. It is more helpful for beginner’s because it supports the development of applications ranging from simple text process level to World Wide Web browsers. Python provides with interactive and interpreted features that you can interact directly with interpreter and interpreter can processed the python program at run-time(i.e. no need of compilation).

5. C#

Microsoft developed the C sharp technology as a multi-paradigm programming language. It is considered to be general purpose object-oriented language that supports the concepts of inheritance, polymorphism and encapsulation. The software component developed under using C# is suitable in distributed environments, suitable for writing applications. C++ contains many complexities and C# plays an important role to overcome this as it simplifies it and provides features like enumerations,delegate,direct memory access etc. which are not available in Java. Some distinguishing features of C#are Portability,Typing, Meta-programming.


4. C++

It was developed by Bjarne Stroustrup in 1979 at bell labs, that is regarded as middle-level language which combine both high-level and low-level programming language features. It is pronounced as Cee plus plus(later renamed in 1983) and known as enchance form of C language, it is regarded as statically typed, multi paradigm, general purpose programming language. Since C++ is considered as one of the most popular programming language in software industry and then the major application areas includes making software for entertainment;like gaming purpose and film industry, application software, embedded system software, device drivers and considered as most appropriate language for the large-scale applications.


3. C

C language is arguably the most important computer programming language and still considered as popular with vast range of qualities. Some include as C program written for one computer system are efficient because of several variety of powerful operators and also it is considered as portable language due to the program written for one system can be useful for another with little or without modification. C is well suited language for user and has extensible feature, also programmer got the chance to add their own function and include it in C library. There are many reasons to use C language and to point out some is the portability feature,the compiler capability to combine assemble language with high-level language feature. Moreover, C is taken as the most commonly used language in industry,in academic region(Universities and college),it is known as foundation for modern Computer Science(CS) and Information Technology(IT) because their working principle are based on features of C and C functions.



JavaScript is a part of the fabric of the web. There is certain about the fact that it gain worst part in its introductory phase because most disliked and misunderstood the programming language,they point out lots of design errors. But after this controversial issue and after long time of development JavaScript appeared with better quality and better option lately. It is now considered as the dominant programming language and it is widely implemented over all modern web browsers making it one and only distributed on all PCs and mobile devices around the world. It is powerful and easy to set up and also contains advanced features of inheritance, anonymous(lambda) functions, namespaces. JavaScript supports external applications like running widgets,PDF documents etc. Recent studies(in U.S) show the data of job count of 43,189 with average salary $88,000 and are employed by world top tech companies(Microsoft,Dell,IBM,Yahoo!,Disney).



The reason behind Java  programming language is considered as the one of the most popular programming language is that java is used to create web applications and platform. Java is object-oriented language and Java build code can be run nearly or in secure manner in any other platform. The programming language is used to build platforms and applications and allows developers to generate/write code that would run on any platform. To build applications for multiple type of devices such as smartphones,computers,laptops,medical monitoring devices etc. Java is preferred for this and we consider it as the key language since it is based on C and C++ syntax.

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