Darta Chalani System (दर्ता चलानी सिस्टम)

Darta Chalani system keeps record of various incoming and sent applications and letters of an office. Documents can be saved for future use too.

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eLibrary Mobile Application

This project helps to enhance education system by providing books and other educational materials in Audio/ Video format in digital form. Students, teachers and readers can access contents through mobile application.

Demo link:https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.upasarga.elibrary

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Womens First Mobile Application

Women’s First Mobile Application is for women empowerment. Subjects such as women employment, health, security and women education are listed in this app.

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Tourism Mobile Application

Mobile Application that helps to digitalize major tourism areas. Tourists can get each and every information regarding historical aspects, nearby tourism destinations, nearby hotels/restaurants, photographs and videos, etc

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Bulk SMS System

There’s no point designing an innovative product or hosting a great sale or promotional event if no one ever hears about it. Creating consumer awareness and engagement is easy with our Bulk SMS service, which gives you the ability to design compelling marketing campaigns and broadcast them out to tens, hundreds, even thousands of customers at once. With the simple click of a button, Bulk SMS messaging allows you to to reach your entire customer base simultaneously, while, with a read rate of 98%, it also ensures your message will be heard. Don’t get stuck with ineffective marketing channels, choose a solution used by over 85% of the world’s population learn more about how your business can benefit from Bulk SMS messaging.

Benefit from Bulk SMS:
We’ve seen first-hand the impact a Bulk SMS provider can have when used effectively, and witnessed it being used to grow revenue and drive results by companies ranging from large scale multinationals to smaller franchisees and soles traders.

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