IoT Integration and Applications

To harness the value of the data you gather from all your IoT devices, it is vital to define your integration procedures at the very beginning. Upasarga Technology can connect any number of IoT platforms, and on-premise or cloud backend applications that you use, and it enables you to add new endpoints quickly when needed. When all the IoT device data is available in the applications that you are using, you will be able to better leverage that data and automate processes. Upasarga can deal with any data format, so it can harmonise heterogeneous data into the format that your systems understand. During data transmission, the integration solution can check your data against your business rules to ensure that you always receive the correct information.

It’s expected that the number of connected IoT devices will rapidly grow over the next few years, and the scalability of integration solutions built on Upasarga Technology will ensure that you can handle all the incoming data as its volume increases. 

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