Why to learn Java programming ?

You don’t need to pay anything to anybody to create Java application. Java is known as one of the best programming language. More than 3 billion devices use Java Programming.

How much we agree with the term. Since Java has proved itself clearly in last 2 decades that with many more changes in Java 5 like in Generics, Enum and Autoboxing and enhancement in performance with Java 6, it became number one programming choice of people. For development of android application and for different types of software development, Java Programming is the perfect platform.

By Learning Java Programming language we can get tons of job opportunity. We can develop server side application, enterprise application, web application.

Here we tried to mention the reasons to choose Java as a programming language to learn:

1. One of the reason is it is easy to learn. Java with fluent English such as syntax with some magic characters like Generics angle brackets, makes it easy to read the Java program and eventually helps to learn fast.

2. Another important reason is it is an Object Oriented Programming Language. Java is popular because of Object Oriented technology. It helps to develop OOPS application in easier way and also keep the system flexible, extensible and modular. There is necessary to have the knowledge of Encapsulation, Polymorphism, Abstraction and Inheritance so that we can use all of these concepts with Java.

3. Java is a programming language with Rich API. It provides API for networking, XML parsing, I/O, database connection and for almost everything.

4. For building Java applications, Java has lot of development tools for example Netbeans, Eclipse and these tools make much faster, easier. IDE (Integrated Development Environment) makes coding easy, quick.

5. Java is the collection of Open Source libraries, different organization such as Google, Apache has provided great libraries. Development of Java application is faster, easy and economic because of these libraries.

6. Java is supported by very good community and it’s been lucky that it contains lots of open source organizations, Stackoverflow and active forums to support. New beginners and every other developers gets knowledge, help from community. Stackoverflow gives Free! advice for new programmers to build confidence.

7. Another reason is that ‘Java is free’, it is true that cost is an important factor in any organization. This technology is free from beginning so we can use it to develop applications.

8. Java with documentation support, the learning process become easy with available references in Javadocs and we do not need to look at each code to learn how things are done.

9. One of the main reason why Java is successful is that it is platform independent. We know ‘write once run anywhere’ is tag line of Java that is enough to motivate/attract new developers. We develop Java applications in Windows environment and these apps can easily run in UNIX platform.

10. Today more than 3 billion devices use Java. In another word, Java is available everywhere, it is on mobile, on desktop, on PC’s, on card, almost everywhere.

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