Roles of person for effective Administration

Google Buzz is a failure product of Google that lasted 22 months. Company with lots of resources can fail. Organizational failure is not as much exciting as Organizational success.  Administrator plays vital role in development of organization and determined as backbone. He/She is an valuable asset to an organization. Administrator links various departments and create meaningful communications between them. Hence an effective Administration can led an organization in effective way.

Role of administrator are included here to show some;


1. To understand general principle of Administration.


2. To keep regular audit of office staffs performance and enhance it to next level.


3. To keep regular update of work done and monitor each staff’s activities.


4. Develop the proper office management strategy.


5. Develop the proper assets management strategy.


6. To prepare plans, policies and developmental strategy to carry organization in effective way.


7. Able to manage filing standard in proper way.


8. Develop proper security system of information/data to be stored for official use.


9. Able to make prompt decision and quick analysis of statement, conclusion related to organizational benefits.


10. Implementing the sources of organization and maximum utilization of it to produce effective product.


There are different types of works that administrator do and it is depend on the type of organization in which they are working for. Mainly the administrator ensure the efficient performance of every types of departments in an organization. They act as an mediator between different senior management staffs and the employees.

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