Top ten server brand in the world

Server brand of HP are most popular brand according to NPD’s record. NPD (National Purchase Diary) group is one of the largest market research company.  NPD interviews 12 million consumer from 20 countries annually and record the data. 

Total server shipments made by HP  in 2011 fiscal year’s first quarter was almost 688 thousand worldwide. Top ten best server brands we have listed here based on the NPD’s record:


  1. NEC is the Japanese IT supplier company and it became top ten servers in the NPD’s record to share dollar market in the server. Latest product is ‘Express 5800/1000 series’ that featured with low power consumption.


  1.  Acer is the Taiwanese company that remain in the top ten list of best server brands. Its F2 system is the improved operating system, and open-source platform.


  1. Total profit of 16.8 percent recorded in previous year make the Super Micro Computer to exist in eighth place. It is an American company that designs, develops and manufactures servers.


  1. Intel is one of the American multinational technology company that manufactures computer related software and hardware and according to NPD it is the seventh best server provider company.


  1. Based on the NPD’s record Dell servers business growth up to valuable 0.6 percent than previous year making it exist in the top ten list.


  1. ThinkServer is one of the debut products of Lenovo and also within few months of its introduction in server business Lenovo gain the successful position in the best server list.


  1. In 2013-2014 fiscal year Oracle gain the 2.8 percent of the dollar shares. T-4 server is the best server product that led success to the company.


  1. With server business increment of 1.8 percent the Cisco company became the third best brands according to NPD’s data.


  1. Amazing increment to 6.8 percent in dollar share IBM is the second ranked company. It’s best product is BladeCenter server.


  1. HP’s BTO ProLiant BL460c blade system server is the best hit of the Hewlett-Packard company. Total dollar share of 52 percent of the server market is the biggest winner.

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